Important notes about automation V3


Over the past couple months we have been working on Growmatik’s new automation. There have been some essential changes in different sections and features on Growmatik automation. In this article you will learn about those changes and how to cope with them to continue using Growmatik with the same smooth results.

Segment Condition Is Removed

Previously we had the Segment condition which would ​​allow you to target specific leads or customers segments. In the new automation, the segment condition has been changed to the Audience filter.

When you create a new rule in the Automations page, you will see a new Event trigger has been added. Using the criteria inside the Event drop-down menu you can create rules that won’t be automated until that specific event has taken place. The audience condition lets you choose and target specific segments in combination of the Event trigger.

In the above example, the email won’t be sent until a user from Australia visits the site, and that involves everyone in Australia as specified in the Audience filter.

Multiple Condition Operand Is Changed from AND to OR

In the older automation we offered the multiple conditions feature which would let you create multiple actions using AND operand. Let’s say you had your segment chosen, you wanted to send an email and show a popup under different conditions. In the new automation, we changed AND to OR, believing it would encompass wider types of scenarios. Using OR you can create more conditions that might even contradict each other, and still create a wider target scenario.

This means that all the previous multiple condition rules are now paused. You need to check your rules and see if they are affected with the new change and change them accordingly with the OR operand applied.

Old Simple Rules Are Converted to Non-Recurring

Before, some of the created rules were happening in a recurring mode, meaning that as long as the specified trigger was met, that specific action like sending an email or showing a popup would occur. In the new automation Abandoned cart, away, purchase product and order count triggers are changed to non-recurring.

Let’s clear this out with an example: If there is a user that abandoned a cart on one occasion, an action of sending an email would be triggered for her and this action will not take place every time she abandons the card, just that one specific session.

For the new recurring, we have an option on some of the actions to recur whenever the event is triggered. This is optional and works only when you choose an event. The option is Show this [action] each time this automation is triggered.

Growmatik automation V3

Front-End Action Executions Will Be Always in Session

In the new automation all popups and personalizer will be displayed in the same active session. A popup in a page will be displayed as long as the user is on the page. The moment she closes the popup, it won’t be shown even if that same page is opened later. Previously, the popup was being displayed every time the page was being refreshed and on different sessions.

User Type Filter Columns (Guests, Leads, Customers) Are Removed

In the old automation, we had the Guest, Leads and Customers column in the Automations page where you could create different rules for your different user groups. In the Automation V3 all these columns are removed and you can create your user segments using the Audience filter > Journey Stage.

Changes to Some Conditions

Some of the conditions like date, scroll and order count are now removed in the new automation. Order count can now be found inside the Audience filter. Date condition is moved to the email action and scroll condition is now in the popup action.

Growmatik automation V3

Previously there was the Purchase product condition where you could find the list of products after choosing and create the trigger, now it’s changed to Placed order inside the Audience filter where you can also apply more detailed filters and save it as your audience. Order placed can also be chosen as a trigger in Event in combination with Audience.

Growmatik automation V3
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