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In this article, you’ll learn about WP Fusion integration with Growmatik account. Moreover, you can find useful details on how to use WP Fusion with Growmatik. An Installation guide is also available via the WP Fusion guidelines.

We’ll cover the following topics:

What is WP Fusion?

WP Fusion is a WordPress plugin that creates a persistent link between each user on your WordPress site and your contact records in the supported CRM of your choice. With WP Fusion, once the user is added to your contact list, your WordPress database will be updated as well. WP Fusion therefore works as a two-sided real-time connection between WordPress and a CRM.

WP Fusion integration

Integration is a process that combines different types of software components into a unified system in order to enhance software functionality. WP Fusion integration with Growmatik is available, and now you can select Growmatik as your CRM of choice while setting up WP Fusion.

Connecting Growmatik to WP Fusion

1. First, install and activate the WP Fusion plugin on your WordPress website.
Note: The WP Fusion plugin includes Lite and Premium versions. You have the option to install your preferred edition:

To learn more about installing a plugin, please visit the managing plugin article.

2. Create an API key for your website in Growmatik. To learn how to add a new API key, read the instructions in Growmatik API knowledge base.

3. Move to your WordPress dashboard, then go to settings and select WP Fusion.

WP Fusion integration - Growmatik - WordPress 1

4. From the drop-down list Select Your CRM, choose Growmatik.

WP Fusion integration - Growmatik - WordPress 2

After selecting Growmatik, CRM Configuration will appear:

WP Fusion integration - Growmatik - WordPress 3

5. Now you need the API credential to initiate the connection: In Growmatik click on your profile picture in the left sidebar and choose the Site settings page.

WP Fusion integration - Growmatik - site settings

6. Navigate to Integration > Growmatik API.

WP Fusion integration - Growmatik - Integration

7. From the opened window, shift to the Authentication tab and click on the Show details link to reveal the API credentials.

WP Fusion integration - Growmatik - API

8. Copy the API key and the API secret, then paste them into WP Fusion and click Connect.

9. After the Complete message appears, select Save changes.

10. WP Fusion integration with Growmatik is now completed.

Applying a tag to anyone who registers an account in WordPress

In order to use tags, you should first add a new tag on Growmatik’s site settings:

1. To add a new tag, click on your profile picture in the left sidebar and select Site Settings.

WP Fusion - Growmatik

2. On the Settings page, click on People data > Tags and then select + Add new tag.

3. Within the opened window, type a name for your tag and press the Add button.

WP Fusion - Growmatik

Now, a tag has been created on your Growmatik account.

4. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard, move to Settings > WP Fusion and then click on the Sync button.

5. Now, you can choose your created tag from the Assign tags drop-down menu.

6. Scroll down and select Save Changes.

This tag will be applied to anyone who registers an account in WordPress and is accessible from the People section in Growmatik.

Note: Don’t forget to mark the Create Contacts checkbox above the Assign Tags field to automatically create new contacts in Growmatik when users register in WordPress.

Learn more about General Settings on the WP Fusion website.

Mapping WP Fusion contact fields to Growmatik

WP Fusion can connect available contact fields in WordPress to Growmatic. To manage these fields:

1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings > WP Fusion and move to the Contact Fields tab:

2. To update a Growmatik field, choose a related attribute from the drop-down list menu in the right column.

3. Mark/unmark the checkbox for each field you want to sync with Growmatik when a user is registered and then click Save Changes.

To add a new custom attribute and map it with Growmatik:

1. On your Growmatik dashboard, click on your profile picture in the left sidebar and select Site Settings:

2. Navigate to People date > Custom attributes and click on + New custom attributes:

3. Give it a name and click on the Add button. In this example, a Language attribute is created:

WP Fusion - Growmatik

4. Move back to WP Fusion plugin, select the Contact Fields tab and click Sync to refresh all custom fields:

5. Now, a Language attribute is available on Growmatik Field. To activate the Language row, you first have to select this attribute from the drop-down list:

6. Select the correct type for the field that is text here. Make sure to mark the Sync checkbox, then scroll down and click Save Changes:

WP Fusion - Growmatik
WP Fusion - Growmatik

Note: WP fusion has explained syncing Contact fields in detail here.

Creating user segments based on a WP fusion assigned tag

1. Select the People section in the left sidebar, click + Add Filter and choose User Personal Details:

WP Fusion - Growmatik

2. There are different options available to choose from. Select Tag:

WP Fusion - Growmatik

3. Now, select the tag you assigned in WP Fusion from the dropdown list and click Done:

4. Growmatik lists the users that match the selected tag. To create a new segment for these users, click Save segment:

5. The Save segment modal will open. Type a name for it and then click Save new segment:

Note: The created segment will be automatically updated when a new user registers on WordPress.

Automating segments for a WP Fusion assigned tag

After you have created a segment for the WP Fusion assigned tag, it’s possible to create automation for it as well:

1. From the People section, select your new segment, then click Automate segment:

2. You will then be redirected to the Automation section. Condition has been automatically added to the rule creation box. Choose an action for your segment and click Create Rule:

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