Other actions


Communicates with various apps and services using HTTP webhook endpoints.

Add tag

Tags your users for simplified segmentation and effective targeting.

Remove tag

Removes a tag from eligible users.

Archive user

An archived user is a user that has been removed but is still retained in the Growmatik database for record-keeping purposes. Archived users will not be affected by automations. For example, they will not see popups or receive emails. Archived users will not be included in the marketing audience count, so you will not be billed for archived users.

Unsubscribe user from email

This action will remove users (those who meet the trigger conditions) from the Growmatik email so they won’t receive emails sent by Growmatik anymore. This action helps to make a healthier email list by unsubscribing disengaged users.

It is important to know that this action cannot be undone and that you cannot change the user’s status once they are unsubscribed.

Note: All Growmatik emails include an unsubscribe link in the footer that users can click to stop receiving emails from you.

Remove from automation

Removes eligible users from another automation.

Activate user

Reactivates an eligible inactive user.

Deactivate user

Deactivates eligible users to be removed from any marketing automation.


Adds a delay between actions or other steps when there are multiple actions in automation.


Syncs eligible users with HubSpot and easily manage your contacts

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