Activate / Deactivate Users

In Growmatik you can activate and deactivate users. Growmatik won’t execute rules for deactivated users and you can reactivate them whenever you want.

How to activate or deactivate users in Growmatik

1. From your Growmatik dashboard, go to the Automations page and click on the + New Rule button.

2. Select Start From Scratch.

activate and deactivate action

You should define the trigger, audience and action for your rule.

activate and deactivate action

3. Choose a trigger that is an event related to website activity, email activity, applied tags or WooCommerce events.
Note: If you select None – Run automation without any trigger, all the users in the selected audience (see next step) will be activated or deactivated without any trigger.

activate and deactivate action

4. Click on the Edit Audience button to define the users you want to activate or deactivate and click on the Save Audience button.
Note: When selecting your audience in this step, you can use filters or your saved segments. Learn more about how to use filters or create segments in the People article.

activate and deactivate action

5. Click on Choose an action and scroll down to see the Activate user and Deactivate user actions. Select one based on your scenario.

activate and deactivate action

6. To run the automation, click on the paused toggle to change it to Active.

7. Click the Save Rule button.

Deactivating (or activating) users may take up to a few hours. You can check how many users were deactivated (or activated) by the rule from the Automations page.

Also, you can check your active and inactive users via People > All Contacts. Your active users have a green circle next to their email while inactive users have a light grey circle.

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