Archive User

In this article, you will learn about how to use archive user action. 

Archive Users

Archive user action will help you to archive users who meet specific conditions. This action puts archived users in a separate part of the People page, meaning that Growmatik will never execute a rule for them. This also means that they won’t be counted as a user any more on the Automation page.

Note: Archived users will not be listed on the PeopleAll Contacts page.

You can use archive user action to avoid executing rules for a specific group of people. For example, those who have been away for a long time. 

To use this action:

1. Open your Automation page from the dashboard.

2. Click on the + New Rule button on the upper right side of the page and choose Start From Scratch.


3. Set a condition for the users that are going to be archived. For example, choose the Away option as the Event and set it to be 365 days.

Note: Leaving the Audience section without any changes is recommended if you want to target your entire audience. Otherwise, select the audience using the Edit Audience button.


4. Now, select Archive user as the action and click on the Save rule button. By using the option on the upper right of the page, you can toggle the rule from Paused to Active.

Note: The automation will not run unless you make it Active.


Unarchive Users

To reverse Archive user action and bring users back to be counted in automations:

1. Go to the People page and from the left sidebar select the Archived Users page.

2. Simply select the person you would like to remove from the list and click the Unarchive button.

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