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In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Growmatik Show Pop-up action in Growmatik. 

Setting up the Growmatik Show Pop-up action as an automation rule allows you to display a pop-up on a page when the condition of the rule is met.

show pop-up action - create rule page

Defining a show pop-up as an action:

  1.  In the Growmatik Automations page, click on the button of one of the columns to create a rule.show pop-up action - automation page
  2. Set a condition.show pop-up action - create a rule
  3. Click Set an Action, select the Show Pop-up action, then click on Create Pop-up.
  4. A new dialogue will open that includes all the ready made email templates that are available for different purposes. Explore the templates in different categories by clicking on them to see a preview. Then, select a template, give it a name and click on the Customize button to open the popup builder.show pop-up action - select a template to start customizing
  5. You’ll be taken to the Pop-up Builder environment to customize your pop-up as you like.
  6. Customize the pop-up template , then click on the Save & Exit button.
  7. Define when the pop-up should be displayed:
    • After 5 seconds 
    • After 10 seconds 
    • After 20 seconds 
    • Scroll to the middle of the page 
    • Scroll to the end of the page 
    • On exit
      then save.
  8. You’ll see the rule creation dialogue where the condition and the action are set. Click on the Create Rule button to add the pop-up rule.show pop-up action - create a rule

Note: If the option of Activate rule immediately after creation is checked, the targeted users will receive the email shortly.

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