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In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Growmatik Show Page action to enable automated redirections on your website. 

Showing a page as an action for your rule means that a specific page will be displayed to site visitors whenever the rule condition is met.

This action is most useful when you want to redirect a group of your website users to a special page.

show page action- create a rule for guests - Show Page

Defining an action to show an internal page:

  1.  In the Growmatik Automations page, click on the button of one of the columns to create a rule.
    show page action
  2. Set a condition.
    show page action - set a condition
  3. Click Set an Action, select the Show Page action, then select a page.
    show page action - set an action
    By selecting the External option, you can redirect the targeted users to any custom URL.
  4. Click on the Save button in the rule creator.
  5. Click on the Create Rule button to create the rule.

Note: If the option of Activate rule immediately after creation is checked, the rule will be activated as soon as you click on the Create Rule button. Learn more about active/inactive rules.

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