Birthdate Event


This article explains how to use Growmatik’s Birthdate event. By using this event, you can send email, show popups, or perform any other action based on someone’s birthday. It is highly effective to boost user engagement by creating marketing campaigns based on user’s birthdate and sending gifts and greeting cards via a variety of marketing channels.

Defining Birthdate as the Event

Birthdate can be used as an event in both automation rules and workflows. To do so:

  1. Navigate to your Automations page.
  2. From the left sidebar, select Rules or Workflows, then click + New Rule or + New Workflow and select Start From Scratch (This example illustrates the use of Birthdate in a rule).
  3. In the event search box, search for Birthdate and set it to trigger someone’s birthday.
Birthdate event
✍️ Note

An action can be triggered just a few days before someone’s birthday or on their birthday itself. An input box appears when you select Before Person’s birthday. This feature lets you determine how many days before the birthday the action should be triggered.

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