In this article you will learn how to integrate Shopify websites with Growmatik app. Firstly, we’ll show you how to add the Growmatik to your Shopify store and then we’ll explain how to enable the App Embed in order for the app to work.

Add Growmatik to your Shopify Website

To add Growmatik to your store or integrate Shopify websites follow these steps:
1. From the left side panel in your Shopify dashboard, select + Add apps button.

Add app - integrate Shopify websites

2. In the opened modal click on the Shopify App Store link.

Shopify app store - integrate Shopify websites

3. Search for “Growmatik” using the search box in the hero section.

4. Select Growmatik from the list.

Select Growmatik - integrate Shopify websites

5. Now click on the Add app button.

Growmatik add app - integrate Shopify websites

6. Choose the Install app button.

Install app - integrate Shopify websites

7. After you click the button above, you will be taken to Growmtik, where a Growmtik account is automatically created based on your Shopify information.

8. Then you have to choose a plan that best fits your business and start using your 15-day free trial.

Note: If your plan exceeds the limit, it will be automatically upgraded. If you want to downgrade, you can contact us.

9. Click on the Approve button on your Shopify dashboard to confirm your subscription.

10. Finally, you will see that your Shopify store is connected and successfully integrated with Growmatik.

Enable the Growmatik App Embed block

Growmatik will work in Shopify when the Growmatik App Embed block is enabled for it. To do so:

1. From the left side panel in your Shopify dashboard, select OnlineStore > Themes. Then click on the Customize button on the page.

2. At the bottom left side of the page, click on the Theme Setting button.

3. Then choose App Embeds and finally enable the Growmatik App Embed.

Note: For any issues you may encounter when integrating Growmatik, please refer to the Growmatik integration troubleshooting guidelines.

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