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In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Growmatik Email Builder to create emails. By using Growmatik automation, you can send emails for specific events or to certain users.

We’ll cover the following topics:

Creating a new email template

1. From the left sidebar, go to Workshop > Emails and click on the Create Email button to open the email template builder.


2. Select a template to start with. All templates are categorized according to different contexts and topics. Give it a name and click on Customize. This will open the visual Email Builder environment to let you start creating emails.


Note: Growmatik will save every template you create in the My Templates section. This lets you use similar templates again later without wasting any time.

Available elements in the Growmatik Email builder

Inside the Email Builder, you can start by adding your first element, which can be any of these items:

  • Image
  • Text
  • Social
  • Button
  • Video
  • Products
  • Blogs
  • Coupon
  • Spacer

Adding/customizing an element

1. To add an element inside your emails: Hover over the email content to see the pink-colored box, select the part you want to add an element to, and a icon will appear.

2. Click on the icon to show the list of available elements. For example, to add a title, choose the Text element and a text block will be inserted on the page:


3. After you have added an element, click on the icon to open the settings popover. The settings option allows you to easily customize the look and the style of each element. This is also explained in the Editing an element section.


Personalized blog elements

Blog elements provide a personalized block to add up to 6 blog posts inside your emails. Within the Blog Settings popover, you can set your content type (recent, related, popular, posts by ID or  category) and post quantity, and make changes to the styles of buttons and titles:


Dynamic product element

Use this element to show your products within your emails. When you add a product element, a dynamic block of 3 products will appear. Here you can set your content to show products based on these attributes:

  • Recent
  • Related
  • Popular
  • Products by ID
  • Category
  • Abandoned cart products
  • Discounted products
  • Cross-sells
  • Up sells

Editing an element

To edit an element inside the email editor, hover your mouse over the element you want to edit and select it. Some icons will appear above the element. Click on  the icon to open the element settings popover. Here you can make your changes and simultaneously see the results.


Duplicating an element

To make a copy of an element, first select the element you want to duplicate. Then click on the icon.


Removing an element

To remove an element, select the element you want to remove. Then click on the icon.


Changing the email subject

Changing the email subject happens inside the Email Builder. Just click on the Sending options button in the top header:


A modal will open that allows you to type the new subject line in the Email subject field:


Adding dynamic keywords to the email subject

Inside the Sending Options window, click on the Add dynamic keywords button. Then choose to insert the User details or eCommerce details.

User’s details include:

  • Username
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Phone Number
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Sign Up Date
  • Weekday
  • Month
  • Average Spent Time
  • Total Spent Time
  • Number of Viewed Pages
  • Number of Opened Emails
  • Number of Clicked Emails

Also, eCommerce details includes:

  • First Purchase Date
  • Last Purchase Date
  • Last Purchased Items
  • Number of Purchased Items
  • Number of Orders
  • Number of Orders With Coupons
  • Total Orders Value

Editing or removing an email template

To edit or remove an email template, go to Workshop > Emails on the left sidebar and then click on the icon at the bottom right of the email thumbnail. You’ll find the option to Remove the email template. To edit the template, just click on the icon there.

Note: The email templates that are associated with a rule cannot be deleted.

Renaming an email template

To rename an email template, first proceed to edit the email you have created, then click on the icon at the top left of the builder and assign a new name.

Creating a rule with an email template

To send emails to your users, you need to create a rule.

1. On the left sidebar, go to Workshop > Emails and find the email template you want to set a rule for. Now, click on the icon and select the Automate action. Then choose your audience type (leads, customers):

2. Add a condition.

3. Click on the Create Rule button.

Note: If you unmark the “Activate rule immediately” checkbox and proceed to Create Rule, the rule will not be executed unless you activate it manually.
Click on a created rule from the Automations page to open the Edit Rule modal, then select the Activate button to manually execute it.

Please read about Send Email action to get more information regarding automating your emails.

Locating your email rule on the automation dashboard

On the Emails page, a template is associated with a rule if there’s an icon on the top right corner of it.

To locate the email rule on the Automation page:

1. On the Emails page, hover over your email template thumbnail and click on the icon.
2. Click on Locate in Automation.

3. You’ll be taken to the Automate page, where the rule associated with your email template is highlighted.

Email content analyzer

Growmatik has a built-in email content validator that automatically checks for potentially sensitive images in your email content. Images depicting violence, pornography, or surgery are considered to be sensitive and can result in your email being considered as spam. As a result, the content analyzer will reject the email content and refuse to save the template.

If any sensitive images are present, remove them first before saving the template and then click on the Save Email button.

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