Using the Members Settings in Growmatik, you can grant members of your team different levels of access to your Growmatik site to control what they can do within the site.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

Growmatik member roles:

There are four roles available on Growmatik sites:

  • Owner: This individual has full control over the Growmatik site and receives important site notifications. Each site can have only one owner. They are the creator of the Growmatik account and are in charge of billing. Only the owner will see the billing details of a specific Growmatik site.
  • Admin: Similar to an owner, an admin has full control over the Growmatik account and also receives site performance notifications. However, an admin cannot delete the site or view the site’s billing information.
  • Contributor: Contributors have access to a variety of Growmatik features and receive site performance notifications. A contributor cannot view or edit site settings including general and email settings, members and integration. They do not receive site performance notifications and cannot export contacts.
  • Analyst: Analysts can only view the workshop (popup, email, personalization, embedded forms, and media library), people (all contacts, segments, tags, attributes), automations, and analytics pages. An analyst cannot create or edit anything in the site.

Note: Only the site owner or admins can add or edit roles.

AutomationsView Only
Workshop > EmailsView Only
Workshop > PopupView Only
Workshop > PersonalizationsView Only
Workshop > Embedded FormsView Only
Workshop > Media LibraryView Only
Performance Report Emails
Import People
Export People
Members Management
Site Settings
Delete Site
Member access level

How to add a new member:

If you are the owner or admin of a Growmatik site, you can add a new member by following these steps. From your Growmatik dashboard, click on the profile icon > Site Settings > Members and click Add New Member on the top right corner of the page.

Enter the new user’s email address, select their role and click Send Invite. An email will be sent to the newly added user asking them to accept the invitation by clicking on the Join Growmatik button in the email. Once they accept the invitation they can create their Growmatik account to access the site.

How to change or revoke access:

Go to your Gowmatik dashboard and click on the profile icon > Site Settings > Members to see current members. You can click on the three dots next to each member and select the Edit role option to change that user’s access. To remove that member from the site, select Revoke access.

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