White Labeling Emails


When creating a rule for sending smart emails using Growmatik, your emails are normally sent from yourDomain@customer.growmatik.ai. However, you can use any other domain you own to send emails for different purposes or different campaigns.

You can replace Growmatik’s default sender and the reply-to email with your own custom email address. This process is also known as white labeling emails.

In this article, you’ll learn how to define and use white labeling emails.

Defining and using white labeling emails:

1. To get started with white labeling emails, click on the profile menu (your avatar) and go to Site Settings.

white labeling emails

2. Go to Email Settings

white labeling emails

3. Scroll down to the Custom outbound email section and click on the Add new email address button.

white labeling emails

4. Add the name and email of the domain you own in the open modal box and click Add.

5. You should now see the newly added email address in the custom outbound email table. Click on the Send verification email button.

white labeling emails

6. We will send you a verification email to verify that you have access to this email address. You should click on Verify Email Address in the body of the email.

white labeling emails

7. You will see the Verified email status on your domain record in Site Settings.

8. After the email verification process you will also need to authenticate your email domain so that Growmatik can use it for sending emails. Click Authenticate domain.

9. Copy the CNAME records from Growmatik.

white labeling emails

10. Go to your domain or hosting service control panel, define a CNAME record and paste the CNAME records.

Note: This may appear differently on your domain control panel. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can contact your domain support service so that they can do it for you.

Note: Some hosting services such as Amazon Route 53 and GoDaddy add the domain name automatically to the end of CNAME records. If you are using one of these domain providers, you should paste the CNAME record without the domain at the end of it.

For example, if your domain is: mydomain.com, the CNAME record in Growmatik will be displayed as: cqs6iiy747maljcbmponx6rn2pbfr733._domainkey.mydomain.com
If you’re using the services mentioned above, you should remove mydomain.com from the end of this record because the domain provider will add it automatically. Instead you will paste:

11. Once you have made these changes you should go back to Growmatik and press the Verify button.
Note: It may take up to 72 hours for the changes in the previous step to take effect before you can successfully proceed with verifying the domain authentication in Growmatik.

12. Your domain should now be authenticated and the Authenticated domain and Verified email badges badges should appear in the status section.

After these steps, you can choose your verified domain for From email and Reply-to email when creating email automations.

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