WooCommerce events

Order placed

This event occurs when a customer successfully completes a purchase and submits an order for products or services.

Order completed

This event indicates that the entire order fulfillment process has been completed, including payment confirmation, inventory updates, and shipping or delivery.

Order processing

This event signifies that the order is being prepared for shipment or fulfillment. It typically includes activities like order verification, packaging, and label creation.

Order canceled

This event occurs when an order is canceled either by the customer or the store administrator. The order is invalidated, and any associated payment or transaction is voided or refunded.

Order on hold

This event indicates that there is an issue or delay with the order, and it is temporarily placed on hold. Common reasons for holding an order could include payment verification, stock availability, or shipping complications.

Order refunded

This event signifies that a customer has received a refund for their order, either partially or in full. The refund could be due to product returns, order modifications, or customer requests.

Order failed

This event occurs when a customer’s attempt to complete a purchase is unsuccessful, often due to payment issues or errors during the checkout process.

Order pending payment

This event indicates that the customer has initiated the checkout process, but payment has not yet been completed or verified. The order is awaiting payment confirmation.

Customer created

This event occurs when a new customer account is created in WooCommerce. It signifies the registration and creation of a customer profile within the system.

Abandoned cart

This event refers to a situation where a customer adds items to their cart but leaves the website without completing the purchase. It serves as an opportunity for businesses to follow up with the customer and encourage them to complete their order.

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