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In this section, you’ll learn about the general site settings for the selected site you are currently viewing.

how to change site settings in growmatik

Site name:

In changing your site settings, you can change your site name to anything you want. A site name will help you to differentiate between your sites while switching from one to another. The site name appears in the site selector when you click on the profile menu on the bottom left corner of the page.

select another site in growmatik

Site goals:

Using this option as part of the site settings, you can change your site goal from Lead Generation to Sales or both. This option will help you to turn on only the features that you’ll need and view metrics that matter to you. If you change your mind in the future, feel free to switch your site goal.

Note: If you set the goal to Lead Generation, some of the customer features of the app will be hidden. For example, the customer stats in the Reports page, the customer column in the Growmatik Automations page and the Purchase column in the Growmatik Customer Journey page.


Connect with the Google Search Console:

If you would like to see your Google search keywords in the Growmatik metrics dashboard, you’ll need to connect your site with the Google Search Console and authorize us to fetch the data from Google.

Note: It’s important to note that in order to be able to connect Growmatik with your site’s Google Search Console data, you first need to add your site to your Google Search Console account and then click on the Connect with Google Search Console button in Growmatik site settings.

Once you’ve connected with the Google Search Console, a green message will replace the Connect with Google Search Console button, indicating a successful integration.

Connect Growmatik to Google Search Console in site settings

Delete the site:

You can use this option if you decide to delete the integrated site data from Growmatik. After you confirm the deletion, we’ll permanently erase all the data (page visits, session, rules, custom popup templates, content personalization, custom email templates, etc) from Growmatik. Therefore, use this option with caution as the action cannot be reversed.

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