Standard events

Standard events are those that are available in Growmatik by default.

Form sign-up

When someone submits a form on your website. This form can be a third-party form, an embedded form, or a form residing in a popup.


When a tag is applied or removed from a person on your contacts.

Website activity

These events fire when a person interacts with your website. Here is the list of events that are available in this category:

City: Visitor’s location by city

Region / State: Visitor’s location by state or region

Country: Visitor’s location by country

Query parameters: Visitor’s UTM parameters included in the the URL they used to access your website.

Redirected from: When a visitor enters your website from an external URL.

Page / Product visit: When a visitor views a specific URL in your website.

Device: When a visitor accesses your website through a specific device including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Time spent on site: When a visitor spends a certain amount of time on your website

Away: When a person doesn’t visit your website for a certain period of time.

Email activity

Opened email: When a person opens an email sent by Growmatik

Clicked email: When a person clicks on any link in the email sent by Growmatik.

Unsubscribe from email: When a person unsubscribes from your email list.


This event fires when it is your audience’s birthday or it is approaching.

Checkout started

When a person starts the checkout process at your online store. You can target more specific events within this category including:

Products in cart: When certain products are added to the cart.

Product category in cart: When products from a certain category are added to the cart.

Product tags in cart: When products with certain tags are added to the cart.

Cart Subtotal: When the cart subtotal is a specific amount or within a range.

Total cart items quantity: When items in the cart are less or greater than a specific amount.

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